Personalized Instruction.

At Stemtree, we aim to build confidence in the fields of science, technology, and engineering to ensure success in a society increasingly focused on STEM. Research shows that tutoring is a great way to support learning and makes a significant difference in a child’s life. With our unique one-on-one tutoring, coupled with our stimulating, customized curricula and dedicated tutors, we can make that difference.

Our science curriculum consists of topics ranging from the basic life and physical sciences to biology, chemistry, and physics. In technology we teach basic to more advanced programing for all ages regardless of their experience level. Our engineering curriculum introduces students to the world of robotics – from building to programming – and offers instruction in the fields of electricity and electronics.

Stemtree also offers K-12 homework and exam support and SOL, AP, and IB exam prep. No matter what your child’s tutoring needs are, Stemtree has the answer!

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We supplement your core science program and enable the development of your own science curriculum. We also prepare students for science testing, i.e., SOL.

Stemtree featured in Vienna Connection

Stemtree featured in Vienna Connection

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