Seize a better understanding of science and engineering and empower your child for incredible success. Dream bigger dreams and conquer the world.

We Do Science & Engineering; We Bring Basic Science to Life

How is the Stemtree Program Different?

Fling open the curtain to your child’s success and discover just how different we are at Stemtree. We put your child on the right path for success.  

Fun And Learning!

Your kid will break through walls, scream, shout and beg to come to our sizzling afterschool programs. They will learn the next frontier in science and engineering and be ready to conquer the world.  

Enrichment Programs & Tutoring

Build confidence and ensure success with our mind blowing science and engineering programs. Open the floodgates to their minds with tutoring and study support for an array of subjects.  

Birthdays & Camps!

Say no to boring birthdays and camps and YES to fun, excitement and learning. We will drop your kids into a journey of discovery that is unmatched. It will be a camp or birthday that is a memory for life.