Open the floodgates to your kid's future with engineering workouts.

All facets of our life are affected by engineering -- genetic, civil, software -- just to name a few. Consider the bridge over which you recently drove your car. Without engineering, a car could not be manufactured or a bridge could not be constructed.

Stemtree engineering workouts inspire children to be creative and to be engaged in solving significant design problems at this early formative age. They help your child think, act, and design like engineers. Students will apply their basic science and be engaged in engineering activities related to robotics, and electrical and electronics (EE).

At Stemtree, our students are not just given engineering kits and a catalog of pre-built activities, we have developed a highly structured curriculum that gives children an environment to discover engineering and programming concepts behind these activities, and help them learn the science and engineering processes such as observing, classifying, measuring and predicting.

The Stemtree engineering workout gives your child the opportunity to begin building his/her confidence.

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We allow students to apply their knowledge and skills of basic science, model construction, computer programming, and problem solving to explore STEM concepts. We provide students a curriculum to apply scientific analysis to learn the basics of engineering. Through our robotics programs, students will explore concepts related to weather, renewal energies, physics, and much more.

Stemtree featured in Vienna Connection

Stemtree featured in Vienna Connection

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