Get picked up for fun!

Stemtree offers an After School Program with pick up at local elementary schools. We pick up students from school and transport them to our location. Our program gives students a chance to understand the importance of academics and gives them opportunities to apply their basic sciences. It keeps your child engaged, active, and entertained. It also provides him/her a relaxing and fun environment after a long day at school.

We limit our pick up to only 15 students so space is limited. Our program is filled on a first-call, first-served basis. Parents' pick up time from our location is at 6:00 pm.

Student activities during our after school program consist of the following:

  • Snack/Free time (Bring your own snack)
  • Play time
  • Science Workouts
  • Engineering Workouts
  • Technology Workouts

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We supplement your core science program and enables development of your own science curriculum. We also offers K-12 homework and exam prep. No matter what your child’s tutoring needs are, Stemtree has the answer!

Stemtree featured in Vienna Connection

Stemtree featured in Vienna Connection

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