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Otto Friedli

Franchisee and Center Director

Otto Friedli did his undergraduate work in cell and molecular biology at the University of California working in molecular biology labs throughout my undergraduate degree. He became a research scientist for two years before joining the PHD program in biomedical sciences. After leaving graduate school, Otto went into the semi-conductor industry. He spent 15 years as a failure analysis engineer in the semiconductor field ending at Texas Instruments in 2008. With the down turn of the economy he found a job at a trade school where he was the program director for the networking and electronics program. In my time there he was to greatly revise the curriculum and bring my attrition rate down from 70 percent to around 10 percent. He literally had to stop the students from walking out the door my first day on the job. That experience has stuck with me. Moving to Wenatchee Otto was employed in the only use skill he had for the area which was network engineering and administration and worked for 4 years as the IT director at Auvil Fruit; before moving to food safety and quality assurance, going back to my science roots.

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