Why Stemtree?

Align Your Kid's Education With Fun

Early exposure to science and technology inspires children to get into STEM education, raising their self-esteem and boosting their self-confidence. Stemtree's non-repetitive curricula provide students with fun hands-on STEM activities that match their skill level. Our activities foster a deep understanding of the STEM concepts behind them, with a focus on practical real-world applications. This sets students up to strengthen their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and have greater success in school, all while having fun!

The Stemtree Method

Stemtree is more than an enrichment program; it is a self-paced and fully customizable program. Stemtree does not provide a traditional classroom setting, rather, we provide one-on-one instruction to each child. This individual attention allows for a high level of quality interaction between the instructor and student.
Stemtree’s instruction methods allow students to become confident and capable learners. It also promotes monitoring of how students are mastering each workout. Let your child seize a better understanding of STEM through our methodology.