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What Our Parents Are Saying

We receive so much positive feedback from our parents and we would like to share their experiences with you. We’ve included just a few so that you can get an idea of the impact Stemtree has made and continues to make on students and community.

I just wanted to give you some of the feedback from my kids. Comments included: Mama, can I tell you about what I did here (I almost fell on the floor, my son is so tight-lipped, he never wants to talk to me about anything!) The teachers are so nice, we love it here It’s okay that I don’t get to see my friends after school anymore. I love this place. Mama, we should give them a 5-star rating. Whatever, you’re doing, keep doing it. They are very happy.


Best Summer Camp
4th Year in a Row!

Stemtree Featured on Local TV

Stemtree featured in Vienna Connection

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Stemtree of Falls Church selected 2019 Best Education Center