Staff Members

Carrie Beth Miller Smith & Robert Wesley Smith

Franchise Owners

Carrie Beth Miller Smith holds multiple degrees from MIT, a master’s degree from Harvard, and has spent 25+ years working professionally in IT. She is currently employed as an Executive Director at JP Morgan Chase bank. Additionally, Carrie spent 9 years working as a tutor in STEM fields and 15+ years serving as an independent school textbook evaluator for McGraw-Hill. Robert Wesley Smith holds a degree in mass media and intercultural communications from OU. He also has 7+ years of experience working with children on a large scale as a drama coach. Together, Carrie and Wesley hold a dual foster/adoptive license with Delaware County. They have been privileged to add to their family five times through adoption, and look forward to being your family-friendly STEM learning provider.

Matthew Marsh

Center Director

Matt is a true renaissance person, holding degrees and certifications in Applied Technology, Ecotourism, Adventure Travel, Phlebotomy, and as an EMT. He has spent almost a decade and a half teaching children in hands-on science and camp experiences, including children with special needs. Matt is constantly researching fun new ways to build and enjoy science and technology projects, which usually involves some sort of gloriously messy but well-controlled and -designed experiment in our lab. In his spare time he enjoys kayaking, climbing, Frisbee golf, building bicycles, and rehabilitating old houses.

Rachel Mathew


Rachel is a sophomore attending the University of Texas at Dallas and graduated from OHS. She is pursuing a computer science major. She enjoys traveling, learning new things each day, and spending time with kids. In her free time she plays basketball, dances, and hangs out with family and friends.

Brionna Corder


Brionna is a graduate of Buckeye Valley High School and the Delaware Area Career Center's BioScience program. She is a Junior at Eastern Kentucky University studying Forensic Science with a concentration in Forensic Biology. She is a member of the National Technical Honor Society and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Caroline Dietz

Assistant Instructor

Caroline recently graduated from Westerville South and will be attending Auburn University in the fall. One of her favorite subjects is science. Caroline has a cheerful personality and has spent lots of time with kids. In her free time she loves reading, working out, and spending time with her little cousins.

Reenit Jain

Assistant Instructor

Reenit is currently a senior at Olentangy High School. He loves thrilling adventures, such as rollercoasters or watching horror movies. He enjoys playing tennis and basketball, and has a black belt in taekwondo. Most of all, Reenit is a learner, an explorer, and someone who likes to think outside the box to build cool projects.

Maureen Nafula

Assistant Instructor

Maureen Nafula is a sophomore at Hayes High School. Aspiring to enter the STEM field, she has joined many science programs and entered leadership roles, such as her position as Treasurer in the Unity Community Center’s STEAM Club. Maureen’s free time is typically spent crocheting and doing other grandma activities, though she does make time for family, friends, and Marvel projects.

Claire Bowman

Marketing Events Coordinator

Claire Bowman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Ohio University. Claire brings her bubbly personality and love of helping children to coordinate public events for Stemtree of Lewis Center. In her spare time, she loves watching baseball and softball, and is passionate about pursuing the cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

Matthew Welsh

Marketing Intern

Matthew is a recent graduate of Washington State University, where he got his BA in Marketing with a minor in Communications. He has six years of experience doing marketing for different organizations, including putting an all-women tackle football team on the news six times. Matthew wants to be the bridge between Stremtree and the media. During his free time, he loves to travel and explore different places.

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