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Raadhia Patwary


My name is Raadhia Patwary. I am currently pursuing a chemistry degree at George Mason University. I have always had a passion for learning science since I was young. I was fortunate enough to have amazing science teachers who have inspired me to pursue a career involving science. I love working at Stemtree because it gives me the opportunity to teach science to students of all grade levels. I love making science memorable for them with fun and engaging science activities/experiments offered at Stemtree.

Sean Anthony


Sean Anthony is an alumni from George Mason University. His love for gaming led to a love for programming which led to a bachelor’s in Computer Science. With his experience, he seeks to spread his knowledge to others and help the children of today become the programmers of tomorrow.

Faez Dabestani


Hello. My name is Faez Dabestani. I’m planning to finish my Computer Science graduate program at George Mason University by 2018. I earned my undergraduate degree at Mason majoring in Applied Computer Science with a concentration on Game Designing and a minor degree in Art History. While in undergrad, I managed to make the dean’s list 6 semesters in a row, and was brought on to help as a TA for one of my programming classes. One of the best things that happened to me at Mason was that I learned to conquer my fear of public speaking, and now I am confident in front of a crowd. I am familiar with a variety of programming languages, and I have a firm grasp on what goes on in a computer. I have experience with artificial intelligence, crowd simulation and visual computations. It is one of my strongest beliefs that our children have a real chance of being much more informed, and even more intelligent than us. All we must do, is allow them to keep the open minds they are born with, and kindle their curiosity to push the limits of their knowledge. It takes a lot of patience, and a lot of determination, but that is a small price to pay for a shining better future for all of us.

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