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What Our Parents Are Saying

We receive so much positive feedback from our parents and we would like to share their experiences with you. We’ve included just a few so that you can get an idea of the impact Stemtree has made and continues to make on students and community.

“We had the BEST experience at Stemtree in Vienna! We decided to try it out for our 6-year old son a few days a week. The owner, Bell, was wonderful and accommodating to our schedule, allowing us to only sign up for a few days a week since we didn’t need full time services after school for our son. Our son absolutely LOVED the classes and the teachers, who were all so wonderful with him and other children. We are moving out of the country or we would have stayed with this program for as long as possible! Thank you to the amazing staff at Stemtree for taking such good care of our son and enriching his world!”



“I just wanted to give you some feedback from my kids. Comments included: ‘Mama, can I tell you about what I did here’. (I almost fell on the floor, my son is so tight lipped, he never wants to tell me anything!) ‘The teachers are so nice, we love it here It’s okay that I don’t get to see my friends afterschool anymore, I love this place. Mama, we should give them a 5 star rating.’ Whatever, you’re doing, keep doing it. They are very happy.”



“The kids are still talking about the birthday party that we held at Stemtree. As parents, Mirtha and I really loved the experience. The science workout was a great way to start the party. The highlight of the party was the battle of the lego robots. The robots were awesome. It was the best experience. The kids and parents were very excited to see which team would win the round. The instructors were very enthusiastic and set the tone for the party. Many of the kids at the party had never used a computer to control a robot before. Each of the four teams worked together and will take with them memories that will last a lifetime. “



“Alex was definitely hooked after his first session at STEMTREE. He has been attending for several months now and has enjoyed all of the tutors. I love the one-on-one tutoring as well as the fact he is learning so much about robotics and programming at such a young age. Also, the tutors have been engaged and attentive, giving positive feedback to the students. There is also a real creative energy at STEMTREE. Finally, to say he looks forward to attending the classes is an understatement. For example, if I tell him to finish his homework and then he gets to go to “Stemtree,” the homework gets done in no time! :)”



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