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We are a family owned/operated business. We have extensive backgrounds in STEM fields and child education. We believe that your child’s education and care are a priority, we know that choosing the right program is a big decision. Our main goal is to ensure that parents and students feel welcome, and that we are educating students in a manner that is fun and enlightening, but also structured and consistent. We want to make sure that we meet each student on their own academic level and learning style. We have brought Stemtree to our community because we believe it’s a great fit for Howard County. As a military Veteran family, we know what it means to serve, and we look forward supporting our students. You may see us all from time to time and we hope you stop by and say hi!



Faith is attending Frostburg university and is seeking her degree in Education with a focus on Math. Faith has always enjoyed teaching students from a young age, she always found students who seemed to need help and would gravitate to them in order to share her knowledge. She is now teaching in the Allegany school system as she is on her final semester and chapter before beginning her teaching career. Faith enjoys teaching at STEMTREE in the Summer when school is not in session.



Sheridan currently holds an associate degree in general studies focused in STEM. She is also attending Frostburg university as she obtains her bachelor’s degree in Biology focused in Microbiology. Sheridan has always been thrilled by the science world, at a young age she began her fascination with plants, soil samples, water samples, and the study of organisms. She is set to graduate in the spring of 2023 where she will then pursue her masters at The University of Maryland. Sheridan also enjoys teaching at STEMTREE during the Summer months when school is not in session, she is always thrilled to teach the Science portions, students have started deeming this segment “Science with Sheridan” Sheridan loves working with our younger Stem students, she has mentioned that seeing the lights in the students eyes as they begin their own fascination with science is extremely heartwarming.



Aireanna is 18 a senior at a local Howard County high school. Aireanna has a love of art, music and photography. Aireanna loves her photography and yearbook classes and enjoys helping others. Aireanna is thrilled when she is able to utilize her leadership skills in order to share her knowledge, that comes in troves! She to loves working with students with the coding and robotics portions at Stemtree. Currently Aireanna has been assisting students at a local elementary school with Stemtree’s after school program that focuses on the two subjects. Aireanna wishes to further her education in the areas of STEM after high school and is seeking out colleges where she is able to fulfill those aspirations.



Zahra is a Senior at a local Howard County high school. She loves playing volleyball and going to the gym. She loves working at Stem tree because she loves to be around students. Zahra has a passion for science and Biology and hopes to one day make that her career.



Kierra has always loved working with children which made her pursue her associate degree in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire university to become a counselor for children. She also has a degree in Pastry arts from the International Culinary Center. Kierra has spent the last 5 year being a pastry chef but realized she missed working with children. Kierra has run an activity center, as well as summer camp programs in her community. Kierra is fun energetic, and tries to make learning fun for the students. She loves working with the younger Stem students especially with the math and robotics portions at Stemtree.



Jacob is currently attending the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and is working towards a degree in computer science. Jacob has always had an interest in engineering, computer science, and math. He has experience with Java, python, html, and auto cad. He is exited to help teach STEM and to be working at stemtree this summer.



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