Staff Members

Karen Palmieri


Hello. I am Karen Palmieri. I have a degree in teaching K-8 students from Northern Arizona University. I used to teach grades K-4. I taught for six years, only taking a break to stay home with my two beautiful daughters until they started school. I found that students needed more than what they were receiving in the public-school system. I decided to investigate a franchise and fell in love with the concept behind Stemtree. It is providing the science and technology that students of today need to survive in the future. I love working here and watching as kids faces light up with what they just learned.

Todd Craig


I am a veteran teacher of over twenty years. I am certified in life science. I have been teaching in Arizona for the last tens years. I currently teach 8th grade science. My classroom has a menagerie of living things including rats, a turtle, and a tank full of madagascar hissing cockroaches. I am originally from Michigan where I lived until I was forty years old. I have always been passionate about science. I am interested in astronomy. I have two telescopes and attend star parties with astronomy clubs often. I am also a certified scuba diver. In college I became a certified skydiver. My favorite thing to teach is life science. I have a love of all things living and find teaching students about them to be really rewarding. I have been married for 25 years and have no children. My children are my two dogs Zoe and Eloise. We love Arizona and we will someday retire here.

Nadia Khan


Hi!! I'm Nadia ,a senior in high school. I plan on having a future career in computer science and I love being able to teach kids new things about Stem everyday! I participate in many extracurricular STEM programs such as Women In STEM and Lego Robotics. Spending time with kids and watching them grow in their skills and intelligence of my favorite experiences and I'm so glad I get to see that at Stemtree! Outside of STEM , I love spending time with my younger and older siblings, hanging out with friends and playing sports as well:) I enjoy being an instructor and being able to teach kids these skills they will be able to use for the rest of their lives!