Is Your Kid Bored with Repetitive Camps?  


Our camps are not structured in a traditional classroom setting. At Stemtree, we provide all students one-on-one instruction. This customized learning style is considered a highly effective learning environment for students. One-on-one instruction allows students of all abilities to become confident and capable learners and allows for a high quality individualized interaction between the teacher and the student.

Our camp includes science workouts and experiments, computer programming, and engineering. Each student will take an assessment at the beginning of the program in order to gauge his or her level to create a customized learning program.

Stemtree camps are an educational experience for your child. Each week of camp builds on the knowledge gained by the student in previous weeks. The student’s customized learning program follows them from camp to camp, so that they can continue to have fun while building knowledge of science, robotics, electricity & electronics, and computer programming. Please contact us if you would like more information.




Due to an influx of demand for an online option, Stemtree will now be running both science and coding classes online along with our physical reopening. We are offering Roblox Lua, Scratch, Java, and Python. We are currently still working out the details for this during these uncertain times, but currently are running classes with students. In order to best receive information and talk with us directly, please give us a call at (602) 507-7836 anytime! We are all so excited to see you guys again soon



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