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What Our Parents Are Saying

We receive so much positive feedback from our parents and we would like to share their experiences with you. We’ve included just a few so that you can get an idea of the impact Stemtree has made and continues to make on students and community.

“I just wanted to give you some feedback from my kids. Comments included: ‘Mama, can I tell you about what I did here’. (I almost fell on the floor, my son is so tight lipped, he never wants to tell me anything!) ‘The teachers are so nice, we love it here It’s okay that I don’t get to see my friends afterschool anymore, I love this place. Mama, we should give them a 5 star rating.’ Whatever, you’re doing, keep doing it. They are very happy.”



Finally, we have STEM TREE learning center in Ashburn. Have taken my son for an assessment and have realized their (STEM TREE )assessment was way deeper and broad I meant not just focused on math ....I assumed initially they would assess only on Math but they do not have Math and assessment was Streamlined to know the gaps and to design his further learning path . One thing I liked and found different than other Learning centers was they just don’t have Math and Science but precisely have 4 Streams which I feel are Key for growing minds and keeping engaged-Science, Robotics, Coding and Electric Engineering. Down side is they do not have English but that’s how STEM TREE is designed streamlined for Hands on Learning I Guess. 1 Share



My two kids take technology and science classes at STEMTREE of Ashburn twice week. Stemtree staff and instructors are friendly and supportive. It's a perfect learning venue.

Abdullah Omeed


STEMTREE of Ashburn is a great place for kids to grow their passion for science and technology. My cousin loved the Halloween event and she looks forward to more fun activities!


What a fun camp!

We signed up our daughter at Stemtree Ashburn when it opened and have found their standards to be very high. We feel that she is enhancing and learning so many STEM skills. During Covid they have provided some great online classes for her which she has really enjoyed. Would highly recommend this STEM school and after school.

FI Adat

Online classes during COVID-19 were fun!

Stemtree had been exceptional “tree” in growth of our first grader. He went in with curiosity and came out with knowledge on subjects like “positive negative charge”, electricity, neutron, proton etc. He got detailed guidance on Scratch coding and developed interests to independently start coding. The teachers kept a log of kids progress and sat with us to walk Thru their entire journal! Our questions were promptly and professionally answered. The COVID protocols were religiously followed and the space was never crowded beyond limit. We highly recommend Stemtree of Ashburn to curious kids, they surely provide a solid launchpad.

Pulkit Gangwal

Our girls attended full-day distance learning camp with Stemtree of Ashburn and loved it. They were able to attend all of their lessons and also be exposed to hands-on stem enrichment activities during break times and after school hours ended. Every day, they came home with reports of exciting new things they learned. Thanks, Stemtree!

Jordan Nowak

Best Summer Camp
4th Year in a Row!

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